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For the cold days in winter if any! Enjoy any of these drinks with your loved one!

Red Velvet Latte: espresso with dark/white chocolate sauces, raspberry flavored syrup topped with steamed milk and dark cholocate drizzle.

Monk Fruit Lavender Latte: espresso with monk fruit sweetener and lavender flavored syrup topped with steamed milk. For those of you not very familiar with monk fruit, it is a healthy alternative for sugar that has zero calories, zero glycemic, no GMO, zero additives, gluten free and zero aftertaste.

Coconut Chai Latte: chai tea steamed with coconut milk.

Dulce de Leche Steamer: dulce de leche sauce and vanilla flavored syrup steamed with milk and topped with cinnamon sprinkles.

Vanilla – Lavender Steamer: vanilla and lavender flavored syrups steamed with milk.

Cold and frappe versions also available!