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Feel close to your family, no matter the distance.

Sending gifts and packages to your loved ones can be tiring and difficult, and nobody likes the stress of dealing with the post office.  Now, there’s a better way!

World Blend’s shipping center is your local, friendly alternative to the post office.  It’s easier than waiting in line.  We offer free packaging, free coffee with every package shipped, and a warm environment that you’ll come back to time and time again.

Stop in today and give us a try!


We’re the BEST way to send gifts and packages to family and friends.

No Packing Required

Let us do your shipping, and we’ll pack everything up for you – no box necessary!


More Convenient

We’re closer to your house than the post office, our lines are shorter, and our hours are longer. And, you can sit while you wait!

Free Coffee

Get a free drip coffee from our coffee shop, complementary with every package shipped.

Come in and see us

We’re right around the corner!

Also available at this location:

  • Black & white and color copies
  • Document printing
  • Faxing (incoming/outgoing)
  • Notary services
  • Mailbox rental
  • Stamps, stationery, and packing supplies